Opening a restaurant can seem like an overwhelming undertaking, so it’s worth doing it with an experienced business partner.

We will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Thanks to the franchise, you will immediately get a recognizable brand in your hands, you will avoid the long period of gaining a position on the market, you will not have to learn from your own mistakes and you will save time needed to refine the product.

For us, “Dobra Buła” is, apart from a successful business, a passion, and we want to cultivate it with carefully selected franchisees.

Business security

We have been on the market since 2013, and we are successfully developing the network every year, which is possible thanks to a proven, solid and reliable business model.

Resistant to lockdowns

Thanks to the "delivery to the customer" service and the "take-away" option, we did not feel the lockdown and in some premises we even recorded an increase in turnover.​


We will provide you with almost 10 years of our experience: business, product, organizational and marketing.

Help with financing

We have prepared attractive credit and leasing solutions that will ensure your financial liquidity from the very beginning of your business.

Operational support

We will provide you with support in every aspect of your business. We will help you overcome any problem you encounter and we will improve all processes on an ongoing basis.


We will thoroughly train you and your employees. Our goal is for you to know perfectly well how the restaurant works on the opening day and be able to serve customers with confidence.


We will launch a simple and intuitive catering system in your premises along with applications supporting deliveries provided by our partners.


We will help you in the preparation of a technological project, as well as the interior design of your premises and in the implementation of the HACCP system.

3 franchise models


Traditional restaurant.


Container module – Seasonal or Year-round. It can also handle deliveries.

dark kitchen

The premises are adapted only for deliveries. It has limited functionality but requires less investment.


The size of the investment depends on the condition, size and equipment of the premises you choose.

If you decide to open a place after gastronomy, you will be able to adapt it to the “Dobra Buła” brand at a low cost. In the case of obtaining premises in a raw state, the costs will definitely increase.

The financial outlay needed will also depend heavily on your own work effort. We will help you prepare a cost forecast after determining your expectations and possibilities.

Our Franchise is tailor-made, so together we will find a satisfactory solution!


All fees in our network are fixed. Thanks to this, you will be able to carefully plan your long-term business plan and it will be easier for you to predict the costs of your business.

Thanks to this, the more income you generate, the more profit stays in your pocket! Our network fees are low compared to other franchise systems!

We want you to be satisfied with your income and achieve financial success.

Thanks to this, you will be able to open your own premises with us!

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